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Rolling Road Power Runs at Mini Sport

Book your MINI in for a power run on our latest specification Maha LPS2000 dyno rolling road.

Calibrated and tested by Maha every few months, this is accurate to DIN70020 and will give accurate power, torque and drag figures.

A power run is ideal to measure the power output of your MINI, before and after modifications.

Priced at only £30 which includes a full power run and a printed power graph for you to take away with you.

power run

Book a Rolling Road Power Run for your MINI

The Maha LPS2000 Dyno at Mini Sport

We have the very latest Maha LPS 2000 dynometer rolling road system installed at our base in Padiham, Lancashire.

Maha is the worldwide industry leading manufacturer of Rolling Road Dynometers and are the most accurate available. Our Maha LPS 2000 dyno is calibrated frequently by Maha to DIN70020,  EEC 80/1269, ISO 1585 and JIS D 1001.

The Maha LPS2000 is a leading dyno used in conjunction with a high specification PC computer which processes and outputs a huge variation of information from power and torque to drag of your vehicle.

We can measure and test a wide range of variables including;

Measurement program
• Power measurement at constant RPM,speed,tractive force
• Graphical and numerical display of wheel, drag and engine power and torque
• Background display of three power measurements
• Individual display of performance curves
• Display of speed,RPM and oil temperature during power measurement
• Projection of engine power according to DIN 70020, EEC 80/1269,ISO 1585,JIS D 1001

Load simulation with graphical evaluation
• Constant RPM,speed,tractive force
• Road driving simulation

• Clear color printout
• Performance diagrams of continuous and discrete measurements printable in tabular form